We do all phases of Residential and Commercial Plumbing and Heating.

* Bathroom Remodeling – Plumbing
* Bathroom Modification For Disabled
* Boilers – New Installations And Replacements – Natural Gas And Oil Fired
* Boiler Repair 
* Relief Valves
* Coils
* Circulators
* Expansion Tanks
* Wiring
* Oil Lines, Tanks & Filters
* Zone Valves
* Fill Valves
* Baseboard Heating Systems Installed And Repaired
* Ejector Pumps & Sump Pumps Supplied And Installed
* Floor Drains Installed
* Frozen Pipes Repaired
* Gas Lines – All Phases Installed And Pressure Tested
* Hose Bibs
* Hot Tub And Spa Installation
* Kick Heaters Installed
* Kitchen Remodeling – Plumbing
* New Construction – Plumbing
* Pex Pipe Certified
* Slab Leaks Detected And Repaired
* Waste Piping
* Water Filters, Water Softeners & Water Pressure Problems

Kitchen Appliance and Fixture Installation For: 

* Dishwashers
* Faucets
* Garbage Disposals
* Ice Maker Lines
* Pot Fillers
* Refrigerator Water Lines
* Sinks

Gas Appliance Hook Up For:

* Barbeques
* Fireplaces
* Pool Heaters
* Space Heaters
* Stoves

Bathroom Fixtures Repaired and Replaced:

* Bidet’s
* Faucets
* Showers
* Sinks
* Toilets
* Tubs
* Urinals

Water Heaters Installed :

* Electric
* Indirect
* LP Gas
* Natural Gas 
* Oil Fired
* Tankless
* Water Storage Tanks

How To Choose An Air Conditioning System

Most air conditioning systems aren’t designed to last for longer than ten years, even though a central air system is one of the most expensive home purchases most of us make. And most homeowners ask a lot from their air conditioner, expecting it to function correctly at all times, coping effectively in summer while lowering the humidity level, and remaining energy efficient.

However, you may suspect it’s time to replace your air conditioning system especially if it just isn’t keeping your home cool during the summer, even though you are maintaining it regularly and generally keeping it in good condition. It may be time to replace your air conditioner if any of the following apply:

How Old Is Your System?

It may be time to replace your central air conditioning system instead of repairing it if it’s not working as it should, and it’s at least ten years old, as most systems last between 10 and 15 years. And your air conditioner just may not be working as efficiently as it could if you are paying over the average in utility costs for your area. As a general rule, cooling and heating prices are about 44 percent of a homeowner’s utility costs.

New environmental protection regulations have meant that R22, a refrigerant commonly used in many older air conditioners, is being phased out. Because of this, it can be expensive to replace this refrigerant in an older system, making it more practical and affordable to restore the system. Newer systems emit less potentially harmful carbon and are generally designed to be more environmentally friendly and more energy efficient than most older models. You can expect your home’s resale value to increase if you install a modern and more efficient air conditioner, and the air quality inside your home will be a lot healthier too.

Dust and Noise

You may have leaks in your ductwork if you notice dust present in your home, even after you’ve given everything a thorough dusting. Your system won’t operate as efficiently if it has leaked, and that means it will cost you more to run it. Your ductwork may not be large enough to cope with the size of your home if you notice your system is extremely noisy. A problem with the unit’s indoor coil can also mean your system seems louder than it should be.

Higher Energy Bills

Your air conditioning system may not be as efficient as it was if your energy bills are higher, despite the fact you’re using the system the same way as always. If you have to spend a lot more money on repairs or call out the technician more than you used to, it may be time to replace the system.

Inconsistencies With Cooling and Humidity

You can expect to enjoy a constant temperature throughout your home when your system is working as it should, as one of its jobs is to remove any excess humidity from the air. You may have a problem with your ductwork, or your system is malfunctioning somehow if the cooling part of your system isn’t cooling as well as it should do. Many homeowners reach a point when it’s just more cost effective in the long run to replace their air conditioning system, rather than always have to pay for repairs.

However, many homeowners are understandably reluctant to replace their old air conditioning unit, although the signs indicated above should tell you it’s perhaps time to do just that. You should look upon it as a positive move and one that will save you money over the next ten years or so, even though it is a substantial initial investment. It may not be too long before you recoup much of that investment, through lower energy bills and not having to pay for repairs as often. And don’t forget, the value of your home will increase if you install a new system.